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SyD -aka- Sarah Davis was born May 25, 1957 in Bronx, New York.  I have always had an insatiable love for learning.  I am very personally aware of the emotional trauma which is born out of child sexual abuse and I feel it should be the quest of every parent, teacher, concerned neighbor and citizen to confront this problem head on. Each of us needs to find a niche through which we can work to eradicate the horrors of these acts of violence.  It is not only a crime on individuals but on humanity at large. When  a person is striped of their sense of personhood, dignity and God-given power to come to personal fruition, we all suffer.  While it is Never impossible to regain ones wholeness, the damage can take years to recover from (and some never do).   As an individual's internal struggle persists, the rest of the world loses out tremendously on the potential greatness that was budding inside them but has now become dormant within the  victim, in an effort to feel comfortable in their own skin.

There is a deep sadness which grips my heart every time I think about the very need for books of this nature... Children's Books whose only objective is to equip and train children to avoid sexual violation and/or abduction.  Our challenge is a collective one... going beyond the walls of our homes and extending to the next door neighbors, the small child down the block or around the corner.  We have an obligation and a duty to protect all children everywhere by insisting that they be educated early.  The must be endowed with the confidence to 'TELL' in the event they are inappropriately propositioned.

I am determined to frustrate the deviant ploys of as many perpetrators as I can by making my books available to parents and educators.  Let the buck stop with this generation.  I will fight tirelessly to ultimately end Child Sexual Abuse and promote safe and emotionally healthy children.  I appreciate everyone who stands with me in this effort. 



SyD is a brilliant, creative writer who exudes integrity. Her writing is an asset to the Educational and Psychological community and I whole-heartedly recommend her books. 

                                                            Kari Elliot,

                   Professor of English and American Literature 


                            "I  CAN'T   STOP  NOW!"


              A true account of  a young girls trek through childhood with two alcoholic parents who were unable to protect her. Yet she is unrelenting and determined to remain grounded and sane while struggling to survive. Her story is brilliant and eventful. She displays unwavering strength and empowerment in the face of numerous hardships. It is perseverance in its rawest form, yet enlightening and filled with hope. If you have ever felt like throwing in the towel and walking away... you will NEVER consider that an option again after reading this exciting, soul-stirring book. Warning: This book  has the power to transform the lives of the weak & faint of heart. Experience Chld Sexual Abuse through the eyes of a victim. Order this book Today... you'll never be the same. ISBN#: 978-0-6151-9655- 8   



  Also... take a moment to view and order the most important Children's Book  your child(ren) will ever read:




These 2 Children's Books are fast becoming the #1 household educational tools in the USA


                        Always Tell A Grown-up   


                             ISBN# 978-06151-9691-6  



               "Don't Be Afraid To Shout No!


ISBN#: 978-0-6151-0908-7

These two colorful, friendly, and age-appropriate books are a virtual toolbox of information to to be used to train and equip children with the necessary skills to avoid sexual violation and/or abduction. They are fundamental teaching tools being used by parents, guardians, and teachers everywhere. While the topic is an extremely delicate one, it is approached with sensitivity and care. The objective is achieved clearly and concisely, leaving nothing to chance and without instilling fear. In a society where the growing number of missing and exploited children is reaching epidemic proportions, it is imperative that parents arm their children with skills to keep them safe. The importance of this topic can NOT be emphasized enough, as it effects can have life-long consequences.  Order this book Today!


Stamp out sexual abuse...

in our Neighborhoods and Cities!


**It is an unfortunate fact that there is a need for a book of this nature but if our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, young siblings, etc. are to get through childhood without sexual violation and with their innocence in tact, it is our responsibility to educate them early and empower them with the self-confidence to 'Tell'.  I encourage everyone who has a child to invest in their future by presenting them with this educational tool to insure their safety and emotional well-being. BUY an extra copy for an extended family member or a child down the street... No one protected me and it almost destroyed me, so SECURE the safety and protection  of every child within your reach. 


Thanking you in advance for the conscientious support towards eliminating Child Sexual Abuse in our lifetime!





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Take few minutes to view these symptoms of a child sexual violation:
threat of alcohol/drug abuse
Loss of appetite/low energy
Sleeplessness/ excessive  sleeping
often leading to suicide
Nightmares/bed wetting
No parent or guardian should want to see their child subjected to this type of emotional suffering... possibly for the rest of their lives. This kind of pain is so avoidable if you Educate your child Early. Prevention is the key to a safe child... an emotionally healthy child!


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